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With a Sustainability Consultant specializing in Graphic Design in your corner, sustainable design principals and practices are brought to the table. Making sense of the many rating systems, material / manufacturing claims, printing processes, and environmental impacts is simplified. Strategies demonstrating environmental accountability are developed for specific environmental graphic design and print design projects.


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The SEGD Sustainable Design Forum on best materials and methods for Environmental Graphic Design. FIND Best EGD practices.

Favorite materials such as FSC-certified paper-based composite material Richlite (shown above) can be sourced through the very knowledgeable distibuter Eco Supply on the East Coast. SOURCE Green Building Materials.

A recent tour of Ice Stone's recycled glass and cement factory in the Brooklyn Navy Yard was impressive. This company's known for it's triple bottom line commitment; social, environmental, and financial returns. SEE How it's made.

Ecolect sustainable material library. Look for nutrition labels breaking down each material's sustainable properties.
GO The Library.

Seriously in-depth analysis of environmental impacts.
EXAMPLE The deadly effects of PVC vinyl.

WorldChanging, the book. Visionary, solution based journalism on sustainability lead by Alex Steffen.
SEARCH Archived article: best and worst plastics, from bioplastics to PVC.

Materia's Material Search Engine. Look for their "Renewable" rating, and "Other naturals" filter, mixed in with criteria such as UV resistance, scratch resistance, etc.
SEARCH Materials.

Deceptive Greenwashing Alert: Buried in landfills, biodegradable materials do not have the oxygen required to biodegrade. The FTC has testified "about efforts to ensure Truthfullmess of Environmental Marketing claims."
READ FTC Press Release / June 6, 2009.
REPORT Misleading biodegradablity claims.

The FTC Green Guides debunk misleading claims:
“ozone friendly”
“no CFCs”, etc.

FIND OUT The difference between truthful claims and greenwashing using the FTC Green Guides.

The Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability's global rating system. Interview: President Mike Italiano / Show 10 Design Evolution.
LISTEN Interview.
LEARN Certification.

Sustainable solutions emulating nature's designs. Interview: Author Janine Benyus / Show 9 Design Evolution.
LISTEN Interview.
EXAMPLES Biomimicry Guild, Institute.

What is Green? Green Depot's Icon System . Interview: Consultant Monica Becker / Show 11 Design Evolution.
LISTEN Interview.
SYMBOLS Green Depot.

Life Cyle Anaylsis tailored specifically to the Graphic Design process. Interview: Author Brian Dougherty / Show 6 Design Evolution.
LISTEN Interview.
GO The book.

The Green Resource Guide for Architectural Signage and Environmental Graphic Design. Interview: Founder Mike Santos / Show 8 Design Evolution.
LISTEN Interview.
GO The blog.

"Burn Calories, Not Electricity, Take the Stairs!" Good advice indeed!
GO PLANYC, the city's plan for a greener future.

William McDonough and Michael Braungart's manifesto: Transformation of human industry through ecologically intelligent design.
GO About the book.

Paperstone: 100% post consumer paper. Non-toxic adhesive/binder made of non-petroleum based phenols, formaldehyde free.
MORE Go to Material Survey.

A green print house using soy and vegetable inks, certified and recycled papers, and a chemical free production process.
GO Visit Rolling Press.

Water based inks printed on Ecophab fabric made from 100% recycled soda bottles.
MORE Go to Material Survey.

Summer 2013. Completed a set of environmentally preferable processes and materials for inclusion in Russell Design's Master CSI Specifications. Sustainable process and material contributions provide an array of options for project specific solutions and specifications.

Spring 2013. The UK's Computer Arts magazine got in touch about an interview on sustainable design work practices and projects. The resulting article appears in the current issue; "The Ultimate Design Brief / Why sustainable design should be a rewarding challenge not a chore."
VIEW The issue

Spring 2013. As a contributing writer for the Society for Environmental Graphic Design's magazine "eg", the story behind San Francisco's sleek and sustainable new international airport terminal was covered. Shown above: Artist Walter Kitundes's wooden bench can be played like an instrument to mimic the sound of Bay Area birds - instilling an appreciation of area wildlife.
READ The article / page 27

Spring 2013. Speaking on the Society for Environmental Graphic Design's webinar panel on sustainability as a process for focusing on its true value—doing more with less, and using less more efficiently, I shared some of the strategies I've developed for design teams interested in paring down; saving material and cost. "Toxic Sandwich" is a diagram (shown above) I developed to illustrate how material layers can be less toxic and less in number.
LISTEN Sustainability: Shifted Methodologies: Next Steps for EGD

Winter 2013. Very excited to be invited to the Material ConneXion library in NYC as a material juror. We judged new materials based on innovative design criteria including sustainable innovation, naturally!
SEE Material ConneXion's material library

Fall 2012. Joining the Society for Environmental Graphic Design's webinar panel to discuss the overall impacts of economy and sustainable choices with respect to materials, contextual ecology, and planning, I had a chance to share "The Green Project" initiative launched for the Exhibit and Graphic Arts Department at the Wildlife Conservation Society. Shown above is a peek at the green Material Petting Zoo and material labels I'd introduced to the office.
LISTEN Sustainability 3.0: Next Steps for EGD

Summer 2012. Honored to be invited to be a paper proposal reviewer for GLIDE’12 Global Interaction in Design Conference on 11.7.12. The topic: Research and critical thinking on international issues surrounding food, nutrition, and health.
GO GLIDE’12 Conference site

Spring 2012. As a Brooklyn Bridge guide and Sustainaility Roundtable lead for the Society for Environmental Graphic Design 2012 conference, green thinking past, present and future are examined. Roundtable discussion topic: Strategies - What's Working and What's Next? Success stories and tactics for taking sustainable design to the next level. Join the conversation informed by a designer and fabricator's perspectives on tackling challenges, viable solutions that truly lessen environmental impacts, and insight into where sustainable thinking is heading.
VISIT 2012 SEGD Conference site

Fall 2011. Joining forces with like-minded sustainability professionals, Green Ant Advisors has been established to enhance business performance and enable transformational change in companies seeking competitive advantage in sustainability and responsibility. We reveal hidden connections and opportunities that allow you to grow revenues and profits in an increasingly complex and resource constrained world.
SEE The Green Ant Advisors team

Summer 2011. Honored to be selected as a judge for AIGA's (Re) Design Awards 2011. On October 27, 2011 AIGA hosts (Re)xtravaganza!, a blowout celebration acknowledging the international AIGA (Re)designAward winners for the best design thinking in sustainable and socially responsible design.
JOIN US IN LA! (Re)xtravaganza!

Spring 2011. As a contributing writer for the Society for Environmental Graphic Design's journal "segdDESIGN", the story of Gensler's environmentally preferable design of the new Wenger (makers of the Swiss Army Knife) flagship store in Boulder, CO was covered. The Wildlife Conservation Society's North America Program addresses the climate change and forest fire suppression story behind Gensler's use of "beetle kill" pine.
READ The article (page 50).

Winter 2010. The Wall Street Journal reports on the City of New York's approval of the “Ocean Wonders: Shark” exhibit design for the New York Aquarium in Coney Island. Working with the Exhibit and Graphic Arts Department at the Wildlife Conservation Society, the exhibit will enage visitors in ways they can play a role in ocean conservation.
READ The WSJ article.
EXPOSE Shark fining in local waters.
GET MORE On the ocean conservation mission and message behind the exhibit.

Spring 2010. As Guest Editor of the Society for Environmental Graphic Design's special "segdDESIGN" journal issue devoted to sustainable design, topics ranging from Life Cycle Assessent and green rating systems, to design's connection to the world's fragile ecosystems are covered.
READ The Sustainability issue.

Spring 2010. Working with The Society for Environmental Graphic Design's Sustainability Forum, an online Green Resource Guide has set into motion an ambitious, new, open discussion on leading strategies for a transparent, innovative design process.
USE The Green Resource Guide.
SEE What Incograda IDA, the International Council of Graphic Design Associations is saying.

Winter 2010. An interpretive exhibit on the Wildlife Conservation Society's rescue of nearly extinct Tanzanian Kihansi Spray Toads now resides in the Reptile House at the Bronx Zoo.
READ The New York Times on the rescue mission: 4,000 doomed toads extracted.
UPDATE The New York Daily news reports on 100 toads returned to Tanzania for propogation and reintroduction.

Winter 2010. As a guest writer for the Society for Environmental Graphic Design's journal "segdDESIGN", Envision Design and Shaw Jelveh's Environmental Graphic Design solution for the USGBC's new office space in Washington, DC was covered. Topics of note: Biofilia, an interactive building "performance dashboard", and sustainable transparency (or lack of).
READ The article.

Fall 2009. Combining a love of design and nature, days will be spent as part of the Wildlife Conservation Society's Exhibition and Graphic Arts Department located in the WCS's LEED Gold Center for Global Conservation by FXFOWLE in the Bronx Zoo. Working amongst the zoo's Wildlife Ambassadors such as Lemurs, Red Pandas, Tigers, and a new favorite - the very charming Jay Thrushes, the focus is connecting people to wild nature.
LEARN About the WCS's mission to save Wildlife in Wild Places.
VISIT The WCS's wildlife ambassadors at the Bronx Zoo.

Summer 2009. The Society for Environmental Graphic Design honored Green Committee members Naomi Pearson, Thomas Horton, Harry Spetnagel, and Gary Anzalone with a Distinguished Member Award designed by Massimo Vignelli for demonstrating outstanding volunteer efforts while fostering growth and excellence in SEGD programs.
MORE SEGD Excellence Awards

Summer 2009. Downtown Brooklyn Map and neighborhood descriptions designed at Two Twelve Associates are an integral part of a sign program awarded an SEGD Merit Award. The sign program was developed for the Dumbo Improvement District in Brooklyn, New York.
VIEW Downtown Brooklyn graphic identity development.
LOOK What DUMBO NYC is saying about the addition to the neighborhood.

Spring 2009. Going Green for Real / AIGA Breakfast Club. "When it comes to sustainability, there’s a lot that you should be doing, but what can you really be doing? We’ll explore this question in a conversation led by sustainability expert Naomi Pearson. Our goal this morning will be to provide practical information and strategies for bringing your practice in line with principles of sustainability."
GO Read about the event.

Winter/Spring 2009. Design Evolution is a radio show recorded on Voice America's Green Talk Network. There is an opportunity for design to evolve for a sustainable future. We're talking about why and how.
LISTEN Show archives.

Show Topics
Show 13 / Healthy, Equitable Cities and Sri Lankan Forest Preservation for Elephants with Jonathan Rose and Karl Wald.

Show 12 / Museum, Exhibition, Print: Leadership and Responsibility with Tim McNeil and Jessi Arrington.

Show 11 / Sustainable Production, Manufacturing, and Craft with Monica Becker and Amy Shaw.

Show 10 / Design Impact on Contemporary Culture and the SMaRT Green Rating System with Mike Italiano and Allan Chochinov.

Show 9 / Biomimicry and Inspired Discussions about Waste with Jeff Barber, Ehren Gaag and Janine Benyus.

Show 8 / Environmental Graphic Design: Education, Fabrication and Design with Craig Berger, Mike Santos and Chris Dina.

Show 7 / Architecture: Zero energy buildings, and sustainable strategies for building materials with Chris Garvin and Anthony Brower.

Show 6 / Sustainable Culture, Eco Adventure Travel, and Unbuild Design / Construction. Consider how we eat, what we play, and where we live with Emily Baltz, Corey Carthew and Andy Held.

Show 5 / Theory, Practice, and the Transparent Inclusion of Sustainable Design. Green strategies applied to Graphic Design and Lighting explained Brian Dougherty and David Bergman.

Show 4 / Motivation: Graphic design as a tool to promote sustainable consumption, and architectural design made possible by a program to support sustainable work environments for non-profits with Nancy Turkle, Jeremy Mende, and Arvi Raquel-Santos.

Show 3 / Fashion: Funkified vintage, elegant simplicity, and the white “canvas” of a t-shirt with Bridgett Fernandezm, Zoica Miesen and Rachel Alintoff.

Show 2 / Urban Ecology and Forest Gardening: What really makes a city "green" and home scale gardens that mimic forest ecosystems with Ethan Roland, Tricia Martin and Rachel Gruzen.

Show 1 / Find out what Greenwashing is, how it can backfire, and how some truly innovative green companies have established authenticity with Phillip Davis.

Winter 2009. Greenjeans, the webshop dedicated to craftsmanship, sustainability, and conscientious living commissioned illustrations for the Searchlight Artists Exhibition designed for the American Craft Show in Baltimore.
MORE Tour the exhibit.

Fall 2008. recognized Naomi Pearson's NetImpact Green Challenge submission for leadership in Green Graphic Design.
MORE See the article.

Summer 2008. The wayfinding signage program for Northern Arizona University is featured in the recently published book, "SustainAble: A Handbook of Materials and Applications for Graphic Designers and Their Clients" by Aaris Sherin.
MORE Read about Naomi Pearson's design process, as lead Senior Designer.

Spring 2008. Ms. Pearson is working with Nancy Turkle Design on a sustainable, traveling exhibit about recycling paper for the Massachusetts Recycling Facility.
The exhibit follows a set of illustrated book covers detailing the recycling process for school children.
MORE View additional Illustration projects.

Winter 2008. GRAPHIC DESIGN USA featured the Society for Environmental Graphic Design's Green Paper release in their "Thinking Green" column.
GO View the article about the SEGD Green Committee and the Green Paper.

Fall 2007. The Society for Environmental Graphic Design distributes the SEGD Green Paper to all organization members. As a member of the SEGD Green Committee, Naomi Pearson developed a green audit which was adapted for inclusion in the Green Paper.
MORE Find out about the SEGD Green Paper
Green Audit system.

Spring 2007. As the Manager of Sustainable Design at Two Twelve Associates, Naomi Pearson discussed sustainable strategies at the Society for Environmental Graphic Design's annual conference.
GO View the Press Release.
MORE See how green strategies were demonstrated using actual mock-up studies.

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