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Offering environmentally preferable solutions backed by solid understanding of the design and fabrication process, working together creates an opportunity to evolve for a sustainable future.


Naomi Pearson
Sustainable Graphic Design
Strategy and Consulting
266 Hicks Street
Brooklyn New York 11201
info@naomipearson.com DOWNLOAD Resume


Naomi Pearson is a designer and sustainability consultant focused on advancing environmentally preferable strategies that inform the design process. Consulting with design teams, best practices are established for specific projects, and become part of each team’s toolbox for future, widespread use. A member of the Society for Environmental Graphic Design’s Sustainability Forum, Pearson has been instrumental in creating guidelines for the field. She is a contributing writer to the SEGD journal, “eg”, and was Guest Editor of SEGD’s 2010 sustainability issue. She is a frequent speaker on sustainable design issues and recipient of awards recognizing her contribution to the practice of green design.

Previously, Pearson worked in firms such as Pentagram Design and Two Twelve Associates where she was the Manager of Sustainable Design. As host of the radio show "Design Evolution" on Voice America’s Green Talk Network, she interviewed innovative designers, scientists, educators, and manufacturers. She holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Carnegie Mellon University and is based in Brooklyn, New York.

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