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The SEGD Green Paper contains a Green Audit derived from a method developed for breaking down sustainable design components. Following is an excerpt from the Green Paper.

"The purpose of the Green Audit, based on an audit by Naomi Pearson of Pentagram, is to articulate the green strategies employed and provide a consistent format for documenting green projects, processes, and materials for future reference. This sample audit includes a list of materials and methodologies that the SEGD Green Committee has identified as potential resources for green projects".

Key Components

Listed below are key Green Audit components to be considered when assessing sustainability.

Air and Environmental Quality

Properties of Finishes Used

By-Products of the Manufacturing Process

Eco-Conscious Printing Processes

Clean Air and Water Standards

Resource and Waste Management/ Recycled Content


Natural Material

End of Usable Life

Assembly/Ease of Disassembly

Energy and Lighting Efficiency

Material Source


Education and Interpretation

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