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Green Audit


Action Plan

Managing the sustainable design effort at Two Twelve Associates began with a plan. A clear course of action was laid out for integrating the office's green priorities into projects and the office space itself.
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The Green Library

An established Green Library supports sustainable design strategies. The library shown above is a growing collection of documented research, resources, material samples, and material mock-ups. While the Manager of Sustainable Design at Two Twelve Associates, a Green Library with a label system for green materials and product information was designed and implemented. The labels created a cross - reference system linking the material samples and product information found in The Green Library's Green Binders.

Below: Material label (left), product and manufacturing information label (right).

Material Label


A highly visible and very colorful five foot tall poster was located directly over the kitchen trash can.

Recycling Poster

Motivation and Inspiration

Once a month, the office had Pop Quizzes with green prizes to encourage thinking green in a lively way. The quizes were based on a "Word of The Week", emailed to every employee in the office.
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Pop Quiz

Word of The Week

In-house movie announcements. “An Inconvenient Truth”, “Who Killed the Electric Car” and “The Next Industrial Revolution” brought sustainable problem solving into the office.

Electric Car Movie Poster

Earth Day Poster

Library Photo by Erik Murillo

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